Drawing and Painting Workshops

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Expressive Drawing and Painting

Thoughts about online workshops:
Over the years I've been asked questions on how I approach art and the most common request I get is how to be free and expressive and less ‘rigid’ with painting and drawing. Truth be told, I've little desire in creating just another art workshop along with the plethora of others that already exist out there. There are many workshops online including plenty of free content, some good, some not so good. I see a workshop being valuable if it covers content not currently being taught and with focus on how to fastrack one's skill set and demonstrating how certain, yet seemingly mysterious, effects and ‘looks’ are achieved; particularly when it comes to a more expressive and loose approach to art.
I came into art late in life and now realise my improvement could have come much quicker by avoiding that which was more hindrance than help. Contrary to some belief, not all learning and practice is beneficial and in fact can be detrimental to fast progress. There’re different schools-of-thought when it comes to art techniques that can, surprisingly, be at odds with each other. In other words, they’re not complementary and can hinder progress, leaving one confused and jumping between approaches with their own steps, rules and methodologies. This becomes even more confusing in the world of oil painting which has its own intrinsic set of rules-to-follow for ‘best practice’.
I've taught in-person workshops to different groups of people with varying levels of experience, from novice to advanced. The issue was tailoring the workshops to the various skill levels simultaneously and being able to go deep enough on technique with the time limitation. That's where an online, module-based workshop has an advantage. 
I'm in the process of creating a particular set of workshops and, given the specificity and depth of topics covered, there will be extensive refining of them in the first half of this year. If a somewhat unorthodox approach to art interests you, then hopefully you'll get my eventual update on its release here or via the mailing list.