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Ryan Ahern is an Australian contemporary painter, art collector and photographer. His work is primarily figurative and is marked by a nostalgia and a subdued realism reminiscent of French impressionist and post-impressionist work.

He was born in Perth, Australia and has spent more than a decade working and consulting worldwide, from the icy colds of beyond far-eastern Siberia, the sweltering humidity of the jungles of Borneo, to the desert heats of the Middle East. He has worked with multinational corporations, along with photographing celebrities and influential people from all walks-of-life.

He currently resides in his Perth studio in Australia, though frequents Berlin and Paris often.

Artist Statement

In an abstract sense, if an artwork is a representation of life, a true representation, then the question as to what my paintings mean is akin to questioning the meaning of my life is; even if only the meaning of my own inner world. There're a plethora of shallow platitudes with which one could answer, but rarely are they answers that provide depth, illicit desire or invoke something alike to passion. Overlaying one's personal opinions and political statements as a way of adding meaning to artwork for me has always seemed hollow and empty of substance.

If I succeed in creating work that is truely and authentically representative of how I see life, of my deep emotional and mental intertwining, then it has transcended that point where words will suffice. Thus the more true the work, the more difficult it is to describe. I feel the artwork should speak where words fail.

Creating meaning is intrinsic to being human; whether the meaning is to justify, explain or contextualise. We do it for preservation and to create hope and it is through these stories that we can engage with life in a deeper and transcendent way. The closest I can come to describing the meaning of any one of my works is to allude to the countless stories that make up my existence and from where I draw reference. In it's simplest: they are an observation or reflection of the interplaying of tragedy and hope, darkness and beauty weaving throughout life.

Latest News

Artist In Residence - MJAC
Jan 2019 - April 2019
Midland Junction Arts Center
In association with Mundaring Arts Centre / City of Swan
276 Great Eastern Highway (Corner Cale St)
Midland WA 6056

Cale Street Festival - Open Studio
2019, Friday, February 24
2pm - 6pm, Cale Street, Midland WA 6056

Open Studio Night
2019, Friday, February 15
Coinciding with the opening of the DANJOO Exhibition
276 Great Eastern Highway (Corner Cale St)
Midland WA 6056


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